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Hi all, 1st post here. The trigger safety problem is not isolated to the PT111. I just purchased 2 PT 140 g2's and they both have the same problem. I believe it stems from one thing that can be cured in two ways. The problem is the safety catch that prevents the trigger from moving freely is not being raised enough to fully release the trigger in it's path of travel. The primary reason for this seems to be the trigger safety's forward surface does not protrude far enough so that when the finger pushes on it from a not so direct angle it is not depressed deep enough in the trigger to fully release the safety, thus the rough catch feeling as the trigger is pulled back. Filing would certainly take care of the problem as long as it is not filed to much to make it useless. Building up the forward surface of trigger safety with some king of plastic compatible epoxy or heating it and bending it's arch a few degrees forward may be preferred. Perhaps someday someone will simply make a replacement trigger safety that will work properly with all fingers.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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