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I got my first PT-111 G2 in November 2015, and really liked it! Feels good, looks good, a great manual safety, and has really good capacity for a small carry weapon. The only thing I didn't like about it was that it had a distinctive “click” as I pulled the trigger back in single-action mode before I reached the break. The "click" that I'm talking about isn't so much heard, as that it is felt in your finger. I thought perhaps this was normal for this gun, thinking that the trigger had to move past some linkage in the area where it would engage the striker in the “double-action/second-strike” mode.

Friends that tried it sometimes thought that it miss-fired when it “clicked” without firing. I had to tell them to keep pulling. You could even feel the click when the gun was broken down, and you pulled the trigger on the grip alone.

I still liked the gun though. So much so, that I ordered another one in February 2016. I get the new one, and guess what.....No Click! I then realized that there's something wrong with my first PT-111.

After chatting with other members on this forum, I suspect that the problem is with the trigger safety-blade. Apparently the spring tension on the safety-blades of some PT-111's is inconsistent with others, causing the blade to resist retraction, and the safety mechanism to "rub" when it does retract, resulting in a "click".

Sliverbullit said: “It's the trigger safety. Turn it upside down, and watch as you pull the trigger. Bet you will see the hook on the safety barely catch the edge of the trigger. I filed the edge of the hook, and it is 90 percent better.” You can search for Silverbullit's “Fix for trigger click or catch” thread on this forum.

Ledbeter36said: Read my post - “Observations on pt111 g2 after complete disassembly”. I point out some things you can do, and filing is a good fix.”

Before I did a full disassembly as Ledbeter36 recommended, I wanted to try something less drastic, so here's what I did. I tied back the trigger safety-blade with fishing line, then heated the grip, inside and out, with a hair-dryer and let it set a couple hours. I did this several times. Now my "click" is hardly noticeable. I think a few more applications and my “click” will be gone completely.

There seems to be an even bigger problem with a small percentage of PT-111's (approx 5%). Some people complain about the trigger being “extremely” hard to pull. Some have even broken off the trigger safety-blade completely. I wonder if the broken safety-blades that some people are experiencing is caused by blades with even stronger spring tension than mine, preventing the safety mechanism from retracting at all. As the shooter pulls harder on the trigger, the blade breaks off. If that happens all you can do is send it back to the factory for repair.

Try my hair-dryer trick and see if that helps.
If not, you can try Silverbullit's or Ledbeter36's recommendation.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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