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That "rough spot" you're feeling is the back end of the Taurus Safety lock (or whatever that locking mechanism is called) and its get smoother over time. Also, it will help if you place an emory board in between the trigger bar and the frame and gently polish the trigger bar with the tan-colored side of the board (not the brown side). You'll need to apply a little pressure on the board to pull the trigger bar away from the frame so you don't start shaving the inside of the frame.

Use a patch with some bore cleaner on it to wipe away any particles and then run some high quality lube or oil in between the bar and frame. I use Tetra Grease, Tetra Lube or my new-found favorite, Slip EWL

There is a Youtube video that goes into sanding down the back end of the locking mechanism which I feel is unnecessary. I have both the PT111 and the PT709 that use the same trigger system and also share the same problem with that stupid locking mechanism.

I've put about 2,000 rounds through my PT111 and don't feel the trigger bar hitting anything anymore.

One last thing: the long initial trigger pull is a safety feature that also allows the gun to go into double-action mode for second strike capability, meaning, "If the gun don't go bang, pull the trigger again!"
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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