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If your Pt111 is functioning fine why worry?

The ones that had problems were sent in to get fixed or were replaced by the factory.

If the problem pistols are still out there and haven't been sent in to be fixed this would become apparent by inspecting the parts, inner workings, and frame for cracks or other discrepancies.

The Pt111 standard versions have been around for so long that the bad ones should have been weeded out by now by attrition. Unscrupulous sellers might have a clunker to sell, but that would obvious if the gun is inspected closely by a competent smith or person.

Having had a standard used model and having seen others of it's ilk, it can be said for the most part standard models were pretty much quality pieces after the early frame and other problems were corrected early on.

Since feeding a lot of different JHPs were a problem with mine (FMJ fed wonderfully) I traded up to the Pro version that has a more generous feed ramp. Others here and at other forums have reported that there PT111s were feeding what they wanted and were reliable with no function problems.

Please realize that the older the gun is the more it may need parts replaced eventually because of age, use, wear and tear. Not all of course. Springs and small parts are prone to breakage and have a limited useful life. Many gun owners forget this.

Like shock absorbers or spark plugs on a car certain parts need to be changed out every few thousand rounds on a gun. Gun maintenance is one of the more easily overlooked aspects for many reasons.

Your gun should give you good service as long as it is taken care of for the most part.

I'm sure you do or will take care of the gun. This is just being put out for public consumption as well as yours.

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Like I said the gun has been flawless..I do shoot mostly FMJ(Winclean)but I also use JHP,and have had no problems with a couple different times.I have seen no cracks or anything other than normal wear.I bought it used,and I don't know how much it was shot.I'm getting a pocket holster for it and I'm gonna carry it,so I was just wondering about the issues I've heard about.
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