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Since this was started in Feb 13 I've relented and bought a couple of G2's.

No I didn't win the lottery, I just did a bit of "horse trading" about the same time that Academy Sports had a sale on stainless steel G2's with factory supplied Laserlyte MK-M4 lasers (of which I can live without).

I still prefer the aesthetics of the PT-111 Millennium Pro over the G2 and it's refugly rail.

But the G2's "revolver-like-trigger" is what sold me; it's a major improvement that's hard to ignore.

It also has a short fast trigger reset that makes quick & accurate follow up shots a breeze.

The added bonus is the GLOCK disassembly latch which makes field stripping notably faster and easier.

If you have a PT-111 Mil Pro that's giving you good service you'll never be undergunned; just be aware of the differences of the G2 should you decide (as I did) to up grade to the newer model.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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