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PT111 MilPro Warranty Work

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I own 2 brand new PT 111 MilPro Gen 3 guns, one blued and one stainless.

I posted about a problem with the blued gun a few weeks ago. It fires and ejects the cartridge every time. BUT about 1/4 of the time, after cartridge ejection, the slide will not return completely to the ready position. I have to lightly push on the back of the slide to close it completely, or if I pull the trigger, it won't fire but will close the slide and then I can fire on DA mode. The stainless one hasn't had a single problem yet.

I talked to Taurus customer service a few weeks ago and they told me that it was a magazine or ammunition problem. Then I came on here are everyone suggested that either I didn't get all of the grease out of it or that I was limp wristing it.

Today, I wanted to test it out. I cleaned the gun as thoroughly as I know how and then oiled it well. I then loaded the magazine and put it in the gun. I then manually unloaded the magazine by racking the slide. I noticed that it "hung up" a few times doing this, meaning it didn't always close completely.

Test #2: I reloaded the magazines and fired about 50 rounds. During this test, it fired and ejected every time, but the slide didn't close all of the way about 1/4 of the times. Again, all it took was a light tap on the back of the slide to close it the rest of the way.

Test #3: I fired about 24 rounds through the stainless 111 MilPro Gen 3 that I own without a single problem. Then I took that same magazine out of that gun, loaded it and then put it in the blued gun. I fired 24 rounds through it and it again didn't close completely about 1/4 of the time.

Test #4: I took the magazine from the blued gun and used it to fire 24 rounds through the stainless gun without a single problem.

All of this was done with the exact same ammo.

My conclusion was that this is not an ammo problem or magazine problem and that there is a problem with the gun, so I called Taurus and sent it back to them.

Does anybody else have any thoughts on this problem?

link to original post: New MilPro 9mm owner
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I'd have to say that you are approaching this problem with an open and analytical mind, and are sincere about wanting to alleviate it.

If I were you, I'd contact Taurus CS again, and relate to them what you've just shared here.

Please keep us posted on how it all turns out for you.
I shipped my gun back to Taurus on Feb. 28th and got it back today. They warranty paperwork said it had a weak recoil spring and the extractor needed to be adjusted. I have my CHL class tomorrow, so we shall see if it is fixed.
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