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PT111 Magazines

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I am looking for some magazines for my first-generation PT111. I understand that the Millenium Pro magazines are different and not compatible. Does anyone have any suggestions on what brands to buy (or avoid) and where to get them?
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I have seen them advertised, on MidwayUSA, Cheaperthandirt, and other sites. Mecgar brand, seems to be a pretty good one.
Many places advertise Factory mags, which really are Taurus mags.
I checked out Midway's deal and the feedback for the Pro Mags was very poor. I checked the one mag that I have and it is a Mecgar so I think that is what I'll be looking for. Thanks for the reply!
I have had good luck with both Mecgars and Promags. But neither were used in a PT111
Found the Mecgars on www.arizonagunrunners.com and they were only $20. I ordered a couple of them. ;D
I got my mags in. I can recommend dealing with www.arizonagunrunners.com. I called to make sure they were the first-generation mags and a real person answered right away. Now to test them out for functionality! I have a couple hundred rounds loaded and ready to go! Now all I need is time to go to the range. :(
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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