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PT111 G2 vs PT709 Design

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I was just looking at the PT111 G2 owner's manual (online at Taurus site). Based on the specs and the parts diagram, the 111 G2 looks to be a double stack version of the 709 except for minor contouring on the frame and slide. Anyone with both that can comment?
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I can vouch that is correct for the 709/740 vs the PT111/PT140 MilPro's and presume that would carry over to the Mil G2's as well. Pretty much the same except for width and minute difference in grip length.
I have both. Maybe they have the same length and height but that's about it. The PT709 takes down easier too.....like a Glock. The PT111 has a take down pin that needs to be pulled out....kind of sucks.
According to the online manual's parts diagram, it looks like the 111 G2 takes down same as 709/740
The G2 has the Slim /Glock bar slide release. Personally I prefer the pin, but either will do.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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