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pt111 g2 slide does not go back when mag is empty

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I have a pt111 G2 about 2 months old. I have put several hundred rounds through without any issues. The only problem is that slide does not rack back when the mag is empty. I have cleaned and oiled the gun and it still does not work. has anyone had this issue and have you figured out a remedy?
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I assume it happens after last round is fired . It is most likely a magazine issue. Does it happen with both magazines?
There is a last round hold open.... It shouldn't go back. That's your cue to reload. Switch mags and hit the slide release and it will be good to go. If it was closing after the last shot on an empty mag that would be indicative of a problem.
Be sure you aren't riding the slide stop/release lever when shooting, if not that then probably a magazine issue.
I assume you are using one of the 2 factory mags that came with the pistol? Does it happen with both magazines?
If it locks back when a magazine is in the pistol and you manually pull the slide back, something might be slowing the slide down to where it is not going back far enough to activate the slide lock when the empty magazine pushes it up against the slide.

Some of the things that could contribute:

Ammunition. If you are using something like reloads, they might be loaded too lightly to get the slide all the way back. Steel or aluminum case ammo might have higher extraction forces than the pistol was designed for. The powder lubricant on some steel rounds can gum up the chamber, making extraction more difficult. You could try some 124 grain ammo instead of 115 grain and see if the problem persists. I would suggest new, factory ammo with brass cases.

The chamber might be making extraction more difficult. Make sure it is clean and the ammunition you use easily slides in and out of the chamber. Sometimes polishing helps.

Lubrication. Many folks like to run their pistols pretty dry. That can really contribute to this type of problem. Lubrication on the rails, barrel and other sliding bits should be visible. They should be wet, if just a little. I run mine more than just a little, but clean often.

Grip. If your hold on the pistol is not providing a solid platform for it to cycle against, the slide will not go as far back. Have another experienced shooter shoot it and if it locks back for them, see about adjusting how you hold and shoot the pistol. Smaller pistols are more susceptible to this. A PT111 G2 is more susceptible than a full size like a Glock 17. A micro, like a LCP or LC9 Ruger is usually harder to hold than a compact like the PT111 G2. Even if you shoot larger pistols with no problems, a smaller pistol can have issues.

Those are just some thoughts of things you could look at.

If it doesn't lock back when cycled manually, there is probably an issue with the magazine or slide lock.
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