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pt111 g2 mags?

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I bought some Taurus mags on ebay that said "pinned" for 10 rds. took it apart and it looks like the follower has longer "tabs" on it. can these be "trimmed" and fit 12 rds? Looked around and couldn't find a thread.
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BS CA mag 10 rd limit requirements make it so that the mags should not be able to be modified to fit more rounds...
I have not seen the mags but my guess wold be that the mags are identical to the 12 round mags in every way except the capacity limiting device. So the pins would be added. It it can be added it can be removed. The issue is how to do it without damaging the mag. Can you post a photo that shows the installed pins?

the SW SD9VE has a 1y round magazine. Some of the magaz I has when I owned the pistol would only take 15 rounds. The get them to take the full load the feet on the follower had to be filed down. Worked like a charm
thanks for the quick replies guys. i live in tejas, so no worries there. sounds like i can "cut the feet" on the follower to make it work.
If you care, Sig P226 and 229 mags work, 15, 18 and 21 rounds. They go for twentyish each from Greg Cote, LTD and CDNN.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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