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PT111 G2 and Veridian CTL Light Holster

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I'm looking for a holster for my PT111 G2 with a Veridian CTL. I'd like a hard belt holster. Has anyone seen anything that would work for this setup? I'm sure everyone can imagine the setup in thier head, but I'm including a pic.

The Veridian holster page has a fitment for the 24/7, and I'd consider it, if it fits. The only issue is I'm not interested in the instant on light activation on draw. I'm uncertain if it's possible to remove that feature from the holster, let alone if the PT111 G2 will fit.

I tried my hand at using some kydex and a heat gun to make my own, but didn't get the results I wanted, due to the light being wider than the trigger guard. If an off the shelf holster doesn't work, where should I look for a custom holster maker? Someone a little more talented with kydex than me, of course.

I'd figure I should ask here. I tried my best google-fu to get an answer both in forum and on the web.

Thanks a million in advance!


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Added later: disregard this post. I just checked the Fobus website and the holster I mentioned is not available for the G2.

Fobus makes a holster that is designed to accommodate a handgun with under rail attachments. I am not certain that they have it for the G2,but an email to them would tell you. Some of their holsters made for a certain gun will work with a different gun too. The holster is called the RBT Funda Model.
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