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Hi, I am new to the forum, but I have owned my PT111 for quite a few years. My PT111 is 1st gen (I think, the year of production was 2002 and it has the older grip style). The problem that I've been having for awhile now is when the gun is turned on it's side the front frame pin (above the trigger guard) slides out. It isn't broken, but just doesn't fit tight anymore; I also cannot see any frame cracks or anything that would be a cause for the loose fit.

I have tried to call Taurus a couple of times, but I usually get interrupted with something else while waiting on hold and have to hang up before a get someone to talk to. Has anyone experienced this problem, what are the ramifications (is it dangerous, the gun still functions), and what are the fixes (DIY, send to FL)?


PS I am glad that I found this forum with its great resources and members!!
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