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Minor annoyance. I bought a replacement PT100 to replace the one I stupidly traded away a few years ago. Everything works quite well, but there's an annoying rattle between the hammer and and firing pin block lever.

Since I don't think the trigger pull is quite as good as my old one, I was going to play around with the whole mechanism as a whole, and I was wondering if PT92/100 hammers are all the same, or if there's a difference between the old manual safety and the three position safety/decocker hammers. Either the hammer or the firing pin lever is too small, since the gap between the two seems to be a few thousandths larger than it should be. Looking at hammers online, the only ones I see for sale are the "flat" hammers, as opposed to all the newer, semi-skeletonized ones I see on the newer guns.

The other bootleg solution I was thinking of was applying some neolube on the pin lever to add some material to it so it won't rattle as much.

Alternatively, it might have something to do with the trigger bar, since the bar has a bit of play to it. If you manually cock the hammer back, it sometimes gets a little stuck on something, so when you start to pull on the trigger a bit it snaps into place. I think the lever and the trigger bar connect so maybe that's it.
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