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PT 92 hammer spring

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Anyone changed out hammer spring on pt92 ??? If so, how do you change it.??
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I use a PT100 with the lawyer lock on it as a duty weapon. I'm PA Title 22 (Special Police Officer). My question is this: Does removing the lock all together affect legality of using the weapon if I ever have to? Thanks for the info.
Oh man! Let me tell you! That thing was a bite in the tush to put back together. I had a tiny spring flying one way and a ball bearing going the other. A little lock-tite remedied the need for the spring and ball bearing, but what a dumb invention. I like the good old Beretta style push pin best. But if thats the least of my worries, who cares right?
Well, the hammer spring works nicely...I can's say the same for the lock. Oh well, never used that stupid thing anyway!
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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