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PT 92 hammer spring

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Anyone changed out hammer spring on pt92 ??? If so, how do you change it.??
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Choffman has it absolutely right.. it is same as beretta except there is a 2nd pin which retains the internal lock on the newer guns, there is a spring, a security peg (which is the lock) and at least 1 tiny ball bearing probably smaller then a ball point pen..

i did not notice this when i first took mine apart there aparently is actualy a 2nd bearing but i was able to after several hours reset one the one ball bearing i found and it seems to function just fine.. it is a moot point since i have a rubber back strap on mine so i can't use the lock anyway.. it's safe to remove the security peg altogether but you will have a hole in the back strap.

if you attempt this on a newer gun with the lock do it very carefully.. it is a nightmare to reset the bearing on them and incredibly easy to loose.
all you have to do is remove the grips, remove the pin, and slide out the lanyard loop/plug
the hammer spring will come out with it..

then just drop in another hammer spring, replace the lanyard loop and insert the pin..

you dont have to take the hammer or hammer strut (the little arm thing) or anything off/out.

then just replace grips and you're good to go.

if you dont have the internal lock to worry about it's cake walk.
well i dont think it effects the legality, the gun does'nt require the internal lock by law,
some will say it could pose a legal liability, but i dont believe that either.

you'll probably get a lot of opinions on this.

i put some pachmayr wrap arounds on mine.. it came with a rubber backstrap and i gotta tell you the rubber backstab not sure if you can just buy it but it alone made the gun feel better and it covers up the backstrap, i can't engage the lock even if i wanted to (which idont) because it's covered up now.. i had a hard time putting the lock back in when i took mine out to change the spring.. almost gave up but it does leave a rather ugly hole in it's place.
yes i try to warn people about it, i spent many HOURS trying to reset mine.. almost lost it about 3 dozen times, prayed and said a few hell marry's, it is definitely HELL to reset back in place.

i did'nt even realize there was a ball bearing until i looked down and seen it on the floor.

absolutely i could probably do it a lot easier the 2nd time around but it is a nightmare 150%.

the lock it self is very simple but getting it in place is anything but.

other then the lock changing the spring is pretty simple 10-20min job.
im running the factory recoil spring and a beretta 92D hammer (main) spring.

i do not know the poundage on them though.

no need for a special punch, dont know the size right off hand i have a set of punches and just grabbed the one that was the closest fit.
5lb's iirc.. or maybe a little under that.

EDIT: actually if this guy is correct it's 8

not sure what the taurus factory spring is rated for but it does'nt feel as heavy as the FS springs.. so it's somewhere between FS & D

92FS--Trigger pull factory spring = DA 11.8lb
SA = 5.55lb

Trigger pull with "D" spring DA = 8.10lb
SA = 4.00lb

Trigger pull with "Comp" spring DA =8.0
SA = 3.8
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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