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PT-92 17 or 10 rd mags

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Just purchased a new PT-92 SS 9mm and looking for 2+ factory mags. 1st choice would be stainless & 17rd. Blue 17, or 10 if the price is right.

Shipping will be to Indiana, so give me the shipped price for what your looking to sell.
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I know you specified factory magazines, however the MecGars are just as reliable. In fact, I believe they manufacture some of the 'factory' magazines for a handful of gun makers. I have a couple and they work flawlessly in my PT92. Here is the link if you're interested:

Thanks T_99,
I would prefer to stick with the factory, even factory 10 rd but if I can't find some in great shape I'll be getting the Mec-Gars.

Appreciate the help.
Daddyo said:
Looks like a good deal.
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