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Hi all, Just joined the forum and am enjoying it very much. Haver seen some of your names from other Taurus Forums but I still cannot find the answers to the two following questions: Are the sights, mags and grips of the 909 interchangeable with any other Taurus models? It looks like my 909 is a combination of a 92 frame and 911 slide. Don't get me wrong I like it but these three accessories never seem to be listed with the 909 model number. 911 yes, 940, 92 and 99's sure them too but never see the 909 listed. jwc007 you have three guns from this class if I remember can you shed some light on this? Oh yes one last thing- what's this I am reading about the trickiness of replacing Taurus grips ( lost bushings?) and rear sights (flying FPL's)? Thanks guys.

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The rear sight of the PT909 is the same as the PT908, PT911, PT940, and PT945. My PT908 and PT945 do have the same rear sight and it is made of Black Plastic. The PT909 Rear Sight is NOT the same as that of the PT92.

These Rear Sights do retain the Firing Pin Lock Mechanism within the Slide. When the Rear Sight is drifted off of the slide, it will come shooting out and may be easily lost. (Had to replace it on my PT92!) If you, or someone else, is to remove the rear sight, drift it off from left to right and remember that the last 3/8 of an inch retains the Firing Pin Lock Plunger and Spring.

By the way, Trigicon makes Night Sights for the PT900 series pistols, TRJ TS02 TRITIUM 3DOT STS TAU PT900.

The Frame of the PT909 does use many/most of the parts shared with the PT92 Series Pistols and will also utilize the same Grips and Magazines. I've not had any problems replacing grips or with the Grip Screw Bushings, however, it should also be known that the grips do retain the Decocker Return Spring. While it does not come flying out when the grips are removed, it can become dislodged from it's Frame pin points, if you are not careful. As it is larger, it is not as easy to lose as the Firing Pin Lock Spring, but I'm sure that it can be lost, as with any parts. Be careful not to overtighten the Grip Screws, as this may damage/strip the gripscrew bushings from the frame.

For Holsters, try the Fobus HK-1 or anything made for the Glock 21.
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