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Pt 840 magazine issues

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The mags on my PT 840 has always been a little loose being my first semi auto i didn't think too much about it not really knowing. Since then I've bought several pistols two more were Taurus and mags were pretty tight . Anyway last Tuesday it fell out after about a half may put it back in and shot some more changed mags for full one and it fell out after a couple shots. Came home and cleaned gun then I called Taurus CS apparently it's been an issue because the girl mentioned a replacement part for it plus a new(different)spring? I'll know more when I get the parts in and compare them.It has been a good dependable pistol other than the loose magazine. All four were loose I'm just glad they had one.
I talked to CS about 5 minutes total call time was 1 hour 53 seconds
I will post when parts come in and pistol is fixed i hope it tightens up the mags
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Yeah FROM reading other peoples posts I think it's a weak point on some pistols she told me I also needed the spring to. Go with it. I don't know for sure but she seemed familiar with the issue. I got the parts at no charge and that surprised me because about a Year ago I pulled the pistol down and polished all the trigger parts and lost a detent ball and when I called Taurus to get a new one they told me that I took the pistol apart way too far and voided the life time warranty. I just figured I'd have to pay for the parts but they shipped them free of charge
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