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Here's a short range report for my new 745.

I actually had the most trouble getting the motorized, computer controlled target to repsond. It took me about 45 miutes to figure out what I was doing wrong.

I didn't reallly have a lot of time to shoot, and I just wanted to put some rounds through it to see how it handled, and how I handled it. I shot it straight from the box without cleaning it first, so that may have affected performance somewhat.

Twenty-five rounds of WWB 200 gr. My first twelve were two-handed, off hand at 15 feet. I wanted to get a feel for the trigger break and the recoil. Recoil wasn't bad. The trigger is very sweet. My first seven were at center mass and spread about 5 inches. The sights seem to be on, but I will need some distance to tell for sure.

I had roughly the same spread for mag 2. Mag 3 was moved to 21 feet and the spread opened up a little. I tried one hand off-handed for mag 4 and had a FTF after the first shot. I'm guessing I limp wristed it, because there were no other issues when I made sure to lock my wrist.

I'm going to do another 25 rounds at a greater distance tonight or tomorrow night when I get some free time, and will let y'all know results.

I'm ecstatic about the price, performance and design of this pistol. I've been showing it to everyone at work like a kid with a new toy. Everyone is amazed at the SA trigger design, and the size. What a great gun!

For now, Corbon 185+P will be my carry ammo, but I'll pr'y swith to lower pressure rounds after I use up this box.

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