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What TXEric said + there isn't a lot you can do to gussie up the 709 outside of pinky mag extensions, rubber grip slip on, after market sights, inlaying color to the slide lettering and Crimson trace - none of which will add much benefit, but will add to cost. You can however spend a small fortune on finding "THE HOLSTER" for that little sweetheart to nest within.

May I be so bold as to recommend you add a sibling for the 709 with an addition of the PT111G2 which is evolving (new to market) with mini-Picatinny rail for light and/or laser (much less expensive than Crimson trace), also good for CCW, 5 more rounds than 709 (12+1) and no doubts there are or will be after market sights and other goodies that will reach the market. Know also you may use PT24/7 17 rd. mags in the PT111G2.

....................and......................Welcome to the forum!!
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