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PT 709 slim...Need Advice/Input please!

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Hi guys! I just found this blog and man am I excited!

I recently purchased the Taurus pt709 slim (not the G2.) So far, the only accessory i have purchased is clip extension from Pearce Grips. I was curious if anyone has any advice on additions to my slim...
1) Do they make any replacement/"after-market" top sights for the 709 (or any other pistol that would fit the 709)?
2) Lasers- the only ones I've found are the Crimson Trace and the Laserlyte Top-Rear Laser....any others?
3) I know the 709 slim is a compact pistol made for concealed carry (thus not having an attachment rail) but is there any way possible to replicate one in order to have adds on such as lasers/lights?

if anyone has any other additional advice for any other accessories of any kind please let me know. This is a great 9mm for concealed carry; just the right size for me...just want to "spice it up" a bit. if that the proper term

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Welcome to the forum, and the "709 club"!

First, be sure you strip it and clean it thoroughly and lube it, this also includes stripping and cleaning the magazine(s).
Rack the slide as many times as you can stand it, and load the mags full up and let them sit for a couple of days.
Put at least 200 rounds through it for it to settle in, then test fire whatever SD ammo you will be carrying to ensure flawless function when your life depend on it.
There are a few aftermarket add-ons that are available - head on over to the 700 section in the Gun forum, and wade through the threads - I would almost bet that almost all of your questions have been posted on at some time recently.

The grip extensions are something you want to think about. Will you be carrying this "deeply concealed"? If so, know that the extensions can make this more challenging, due to the longer grip length. Also, practice a LOT with the extensions, as sometimes these can cause feed problems due to the pressure applied to the mag by your pinky.

Oh, and don't forget to show us your pictures!
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What TXEric said + there isn't a lot you can do to gussie up the 709 outside of pinky mag extensions, rubber grip slip on, after market sights, inlaying color to the slide lettering and Crimson trace - none of which will add much benefit, but will add to cost. You can however spend a small fortune on finding "THE HOLSTER" for that little sweetheart to nest within.

May I be so bold as to recommend you add a sibling for the 709 with an addition of the PT111G2 which is evolving (new to market) with mini-Picatinny rail for light and/or laser (much less expensive than Crimson trace), also good for CCW, 5 more rounds than 709 (12+1) and no doubts there are or will be after market sights and other goodies that will reach the market. Know also you may use PT24/7 17 rd. mags in the PT111G2.

....................and......................Welcome to the forum!!
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Welcome - I've got a 709 that I pocket carry most days. The only change that I've made to the gun was to replace the front sight with the TRUGLO universal big light tube and it helps a bit. Many will agree that (as rclinton suggests) that AT are the best aftermarket sights made for the gun. They are on MY upgrade list for guns that I own. Some have more trouble with the stock 709 sights than others.

Wino is also on the money as usual - don't try and make the 709 into something it is not - as TXEirc even a change as small as a pinkie extension can have negative effects on performance (yes, some guns need fine tuning to shooters hands).

My .02 on lasers Crimson Trace is that they are in (or own) the top tier of laser sight products. I had one on my front of the safe HD gun for about 3 years. The more I trained and competed in action shooting events the more I realized that high speed shooting and decision making would pretty much make the laser useless for me - looking for a red dot on a farther horizon was not practical. Watch the CT videos - they will make perfect sense and many DO swear by them (and other laser products) I do love their grip actuation - no time wasted looking for a switch! That said, I sold mine and bought a front rail light. Yes, there are grip styles that allow for a remotely held light and I also subscribed to that school for a while. I now believe (based on tests and training) that having both hands on my gun in CQB or attack scenarios is my best option.

Food for thought. Send a range report M8!!
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Accessories, the 709 don't need no stinkin' accessories.

Welcome to the 709 club.
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I love my Crimson Trace and Blade Tech :) Since this pic I have also added the Pearce Grips :D

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