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PT 709 ejection problems

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bought a new slim, firing the wpa russian fmj ammo, load 7 in the clip and in 5 shots its empty, also will jam up at least once sometimes twice in 5 shots, anyone else having this problem?
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Some of us had "failure to extract" issues with our 709's where the extractor failed to pull the empty casing out of the chamber. Now, I'm not talking about a "stovepipe" where the casing is pulled from the chamber but isn't thrown clear of the action. Although those may have been experienced by some shooters. With mine, I just tried different ammo and found that my 709 "liked" some brass and didn't like other brass. Cheap Federals worked fine, but Winchester White Box was a nightmare. After about 1,000 round I tried various ammo and it seemed to cycle, fire, extract and eject everything. If you don't think you can be as patient as I was, you can always opt to send it on a vacation to Miami.
Can you be more specific? What do you mean "load 7 and in 5 shots its empty"? What is the nature of the jam?
Can you be more specific? What do you mean "load 7 and in 5 shots its empty"? What is the nature of the jam?
I too was confused by this statement. If it is having problems, I would first stop using the Russian ammo. I would also like to ask if you field stripped the weapon and did a good cleaning on it, even if it looked clean to begin with. Start over by doing a good cleaning with Gun Scrubber or CLP and then get some good ammo and by that I mean brass, not steel or aluminum cased, round nose and try it again. Hold the grip tight with both hands and squeeze the trigger with just the pad of the finger, not the first knuckle joint. I have a 709 and it is a good gun, but not a good beginner gun. Good luck and let us know if this helps.
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