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An excellant holster for the Taurus PT58.

Hi All, I having a problem locating a holster for my pistol. I want an OWB that is very stable, secure and tight on my hip and is not floppy as these guns are pretty heavy. I really cant find many to choose from. I'd prefer a nice leather one but anything will do if I cant find what I want. I'm looking for a full holster and not for CC, just for using in the boonies plunking or at the range. Thanks, Mike
Hey buddy and anyone else that has this question.
I bought a Fobus GL2 paddle holster.
It's stamped with the RH GL 2 (Right Hand Glock Lite #2 is what I think that translates as) on ebay from a seller named "mehyarco" at his ebay store.
It was listed as the following: 'Glock 17 19 22 23 34 paddle holster 9mm .40 cal .45 cal glock holster'
My PT58 fit snugly and the holster's trigger indent allowed it to be easy insert to a 'lock and drawn witout sticking.
I spend my days running around the woods with my Pistol on my hip climbing kentucky hills, through thick bush and crossing ravines.
Not once has it fallen out or even gotten loose.
I recommend it as an excellent match for Taurus's PT58.
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