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Pt 58

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Picked up a PT58 at the gun shop. 100 rounds two different brands of ammo and flawless. Unbelievable accuracy and just fun to shoot.
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Nice OP, how bout some pictures? We like those here! ;)
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Yes they are fun, and very accurate.

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome aboard and like the fellers said “pix please”. We are so predictably visually oriented.
Welcome to the Forum from Gulf Coast Florida!
Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma.
I own a pair of PT58 stainless but gave up on ever finding a PT57.


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Welcome to the group!
Those are fine little pistols and I have it's big brother, a PT92C 9mm which is the compact version of the PT92. If you are like me it will follow you everywhere!

Next you may want to start saving your brass because if you shoot it a lot you may find yourself reloading for it as it saves me about half the cost. Besides it's also a lot of fun.
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