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PT 38S derailed with new finish

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I'm one of the people that don't like rails, I don't need them and think they're ugly. Awhile back I bought a PT 38S and it arrived with a rail but I tried to like it but finally sold it. I liked the gun and caliber alot and later decided to buy another one if I could have the rail removed so I spoke with Larna from Ford's Custom Gun Refinishing (www.fordsguns.com) and they said they could remove it. Ended up only charging $50 for the rail removal plus the cost of a refinishing.

Here's a before photo with the factory black finish and big ass rail. Sorry my photos aren't very good.

And the after photos with the rail removed and a new finish, brushed chrome flats with matte chrome rounds. Looks much better than the photos. I accidently broke the front sight, have to call Taurus and order a new one. I think it turned out great.
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brushed finish looks great. not a big fan of rails either. looks good.
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