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hey guys,

i recently started going to the range again now that my schedule allows some free time...and i'm having issues with the trigger pull on my taurus

i purchased a PT 24/7 two years ago and it has been a great gun overall, no jams after first mag/mechanical problems with around 2k rounds, but it was my first handgun so i didn't have much to compare it to

so i went to the range with a friend and shot his glock 30/.45, taurus PT 1911b .45, ruger service six .357, and walther p22 and after shooting those guns and jumping back to my PT 24/7 i cant stand the long trigger pull anymore

is there anything that can be done to give the trigger a lighter pull? it just feels 'strange' after shooting a few different guns

i'm tempted to sell it to buy the taurus 1911 now thought ;D that thing is smoooooth

1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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