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theprophet said:
hey guys,

i recently started going to the range again now that my schedule allows some free time...and i'm having issues with the trigger pull on my taurus

i purchased a PT 24/7 two years ago and it has been a great gun overall, no jams after first mag/mechanical problems with around 2k rounds, but it was my first handgun so i didn't have much to compare it to

so i went to the range with a friend and shot his glock 30/.45, taurus PT 1911b .45, ruger service six .357, and walther p22 and after shooting those guns and jumping back to my PT 24/7 i cant stand the long trigger pull anymore

is there anything that can be done to give the trigger a lighter pull? it just feels 'strange' after shooting a few different guns

i'm tempted to sell it to buy the taurus 1911 now thought ;D that thing is smoooooth

The 24/7 is designed to be a self defense weapon, always ready to fire, but remaining safe at all times. And this it does as well or better than most of the other current offering of "black" guns.

The problem you have encountered is that being ready to fire and safe at the same time has its tradeoffs. My 24/7 Pro LS has a long trigger but comparatiively light. I have fired it enough to know it will go bang every time, and cycle every time, yet remain safe while ready to fire. Confidence and familiarity with your weapon are the best attributes you can have going into a life threatening situation. If you have to fire your gun in combat, the only thing you should be aware of is your target. The 24/7 will get the job done.

Recreational shooting with your primary defense weapon is the best thing you can do. But be aware that you purchased the 24/7 as a self defense weapon, and you have lots of trigger time invested in it, and you are now familiar with its operation and capability.

I have many 1911's and I shoot them for recreation, and in competition. They are great guns and I suggest that you save up to get one, or two, or .... It can become an addiction. But I wouldnt throw the 24/7 overboard because its not a 1911, or any of the other mentioned guns.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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