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PT 24/7 magazine issue

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I never noticed it before, shooting at the range, but since I got my CHL and decided to carry the 24/7... the magazine rattles back and forth. It is a noticeable sound just walking. I have a Falcon SOB for this gun. Is this "normal" like the TaurusUSA Rep said? Or what can I do? Help. pmd22551
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I have no rattle caused by mag in mag well. I do have rattle at times from ammo in the mag when loaded to full capacity - this with Mil Pros and PT24/7. I found it is the bottom one or two cartridges that sit loose when mag fully loaded. I also tap mag on bottom and back to seat cartridges after loading and this sometimes stops the rattle. Try with fewer cartridges and see if it still rattles.

With all my pistols, I frankly don't see a fully loaded mag under spring compression, held in place with mag release, would have the ability to rattle around in the mag well on a poly body pistol to the point of being noticeable. To me rattle is metal to metal or metallic sounding as I've found with ammo and mag rattle mentioned.
both my mags do the same thing. :confused: Tool Everyday carry
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I took and wrapped Electrical tape around the bottom of the magazine two wraps tightly took up the space and eliminated the rattles and still didnt stop the magazine from dropping when released..
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The 2 magazines of my 24/7 G2 9mm rattled in the mag well. I tried GEOHEB's idea in this post and the o-rings worked pretty well to keep the mags from rattling.
Thanks for your responses. I tried the electrical tape on the may & it works fine. I'll try the 1" o-ring next.
I am just a bit miffed because the tolerences are not what I expected in a handgun. Never had any problems with my revolvers.
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