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If you look at the image above, you'll note there's a pin in the slide stop that goes from one side to the other.
The pin has shoulders machined into it to prevent the pin from moving and binding up against the frame, and the holes in the slide stop itself are located right next to bends in the metal.

My PT 24/7 G2 .40SW was purchased in 2013ish. Last year (May 2019) after about 10,000 rds, the slide stop broke - on the right hand side (top of the image), right through the hole where the pin is located. The pin had disappeared into the ether, and the broken piece of the slide stop just sat in the frame cutout until I noticed it. The gun cycled flawlessly even with the slide stop broken, since it is ambidextrous and the slide stop engages on BOTH sides.

I went round and round with Taurus for over 5 weeks trying to get a replacement part, when they finally told me that if I bought the part from them ($30+s/h) and put it in myself, the lifetime warranty would now be void.
Seriously?! it takes 1 roll pin to remove this part and drop the new one in... I'm not sure they can even legally do that under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act.

So I bought a replacement part online that was stripped from another PT 24/7 G2 in August, I think.

Last weekend,.. same part broke again.. same exact spot. Time to hit Ebay again.

Anyone else with a 24/7 G2 in 40S&W or 9mm ever run into this part breaking on you?

(EDIT: It was about 10,000 rds on the first break, now it's up to about 12,000 with the second)
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