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PT-22 Poly slip on grips

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Does anyone have a source for PT-22 ply slip on grips such as hogue,ect? I am looking for a bright color such as yellow. Thank you
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Hi Bambi38D!
Here is a link to what I found for the PT22 PLY: Tractiongrips: Fit Taurus PT-22 Poly These aren't slip on type grips, but they are made specifically for the PT22 PLY. Maybe you could contact them and ask if they can make you a yellow or yellow/black set?
This is a yellow slip on grip that likely won't fit, but for $10, may be worth a try (will at least need some major trimming, I would think)?: https://www.phazzerstore.com/PhaZZerEnforcerRubberSleeve-Yellow
I didn't find anything from Hogue's or anybody else's current offering that would work. Good luck, and let us know what you do!!
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