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The 1911 is a "mil-spec" meaning that given the fact that many parts are slightly over-sized to allow for slight variances. Such things as grips are universal... firing pin should fit out of box, however extractors tend to need to be adjusted and all safeties are slightly oversize. Make sure that the part you replace are a matter of "true interest" rather than just the typical swap out the parts scenario! Realize the the fire control parts are matched, so if you replace the hammer then realize you will want to replace the sear and disconnecter from a "matched set".

The genius of the Taurus PT1911 is that it tends to be a reliable and accurate gun. Get replacement parts (ejector, extractor, etc) if you wish for the just in case moment... but do the cheap things that really personalize your gun... grips and finish on the slide or frame.

Good luck with you new gun... look at the pictures. Just be careful about paying $500 for add-ons and upgrades. Folks who then want to sell their guns take a bath on those parts... a $1,000 gun with upgrades on sale for $750. Check out the Springers that have been "personalized".
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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