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PT 145 Pro mag dropping

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I guess that I am just one of many with this problem. I got a BNIB 145 yesterday, took it to the range, shot 10 out of the first mag put the second mag in and the first shot popped the mag out and stove piped the cartridge. I got home and did an internet search for this issue and couldn't believe how many people have this problem with the millennium series. Anyway, after having to remove the Fire Control Group, I finally managed to get the mag catch out and reversed it. It seems to hold the mags a lot better in the south paw position. When I get back to the range I will find out if it fixes the "mag drop". I was hoping to find a viable fix on this forum, but it seems that most people just order new parts or send their 145 to Taurus. I think that the problem is not the parts, but the frame itself. It appeared to me that in the right hand position that the mag release stuck in place when it was in it's retracted position. Because when I pushed the smooth face on the right side to make sure that the button was all of the way out, it felt like it got hung in the plastic. And when I pushed the button to release the mag it felt like it was popping a little as though it was hung in the square slot in the frame. Now that my mag release is reversed I don't feel that popping as though it was hung when I depress the mag release. For the most part, it seems to operate smoothly, but it still just seems like a very poorly designed mag release system to me. I do not intend to mail my 145 to Taurus, I believe that I can work through this issue. I am not one for giving up my gun. Whether for repairs or whatever.
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Do you have factory mags as well? or just Promags? If the only mags you have are Promags that could be your problem right there.
Do you have factory mags as well? or just Promags? If the only mags you have are Promags that could be your problem right there.
The only mags I have are what came in the box. So I will assume that they are PT145PRO mags.
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My mistake, I thought you were saying they were ProMag brand magazines. There are a lot of Milpro fans on here, but I am not one of them. Maybe dbeardslee will be along soon, I think he works on them.
Yeh, I actually had just sold a Glock 21 OD and decided to find a compact 45 to replace it with and this PT145 fit the bill. But, ya just never know what is going to happen when you buy something "new". I think I will be able to get used to this pistol it's just kind of a let down to have a problem with it right off the bat.
Only thing I can think of if you aren't hitting the release during recoil is maybe the spring is on the weak side. I think with the increased production of the last few years you are more likely to have initial problems than in the past with any manufacturer.
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I'd call Taurus CS and get them to send you a new mag release assembly under warranty. I had the mag drop problem with my PT140 from gitgo - returned to Taurus and they repaired - no more problems since (had at range today as a matter of fact). Also had the new PT111MPSS G1 & PT140MPSS G1 on their second range trips with no mag drops or hiccups. I agree the MilPro mag release is a poor design and would work better if the front edge ground off. I had to punch a hole in my Kholster Crescent at mag button release to prevent mag releasing when holstered. Blaming the shooter for recoil tapping release is common, but I've found more of a legend and not the problem - I haven't changed my grip at all and have no mag release problems on my MilPro's G1.
My Evita has always been good to me.
After talking to Taurus I decided to let my LGS send the PT145 back to them to get it right. So I can be armed, while I am waiting, I decided to buy this as a backup gun to my backup gun.
A 415C. Five shot 41 Magnum with 2.5" compensated barrel.
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That would certainly be more to my liking as a self defense firearm.
I have to agree with the statement about the possibility of hitting the mag release with your firing thumb on recoil - particularly if you like to bend your firing thumb. I did it on mine a couple times, but when I popped a mag while holstering it, I decided to change things. I turned the mag release around and just use my trigger finger to activate the release. Haven't dropped a mag accidentally since, and it has the advantage that the mag release is no longer between the holster and the gun. I've gotten to really like it that way.

There have also been those who had mag releases that weren't right. You might try disassembling a mag, remove the slide, and put the empty mag into the magazine well. Shine a flashlight down into the mag and visually inspect to see how much of the mag catch is engaging the slot in the magazine. Stick a couple fingers up inside the mag and wiggle it around and see if it comes loose while you're watching inside the mag. Probably gonna need somebody else to hold the light for that. :D

You might also want to check your magazine spring. The PT145 uses a constant pressure spring which has five narrow coils over five fat coils. Look at where the narrow coils meet the fat coils, and see if the top of the spring is canted slightly to one side. I had an issue with a spring like that and it kept getting into the mag release slot, and I could see it popping the release under the right conditions. I just tightened the bend on mine where they sizes meet and straightened it up, and it's been working fine since.
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I also read about the mags dropping on the Milpro guns before I fired my PT-145, so I gripped my gun to see if a misplaced digit (on the shooter's part) could be the problem in some cases. My thumb doesn't rest that close to the button, which may explain why I've never dropped a mag. Got a bit over 300 rounds through it. Other shooter's could have larger hands or longer digits, though

Thought I'd compare it with some of my other semi-autos and see how close thumbs/fingers are to the release buttons by comparison.

-Keltec P-11: A lot closer distance between thumb and button than on PT-145. But P-11 doesn't have reputation for dropping mags that I'm aware of.

-Ruger SR9c: Thumb not very close to button, BUT it's an ambi- release, so my inder finger rests right on top of the release button on the other side. These guns don't drop mags either, however..

-Hi Point .380: My thumb rests right on top of the button, but button has stiff spring, so I don't hear about that happening on these guns.

The big difference between the PT-145 and these other guns is the light touch the PT-145 requires to release the mag. I may be touching the button on some of the other guns during recoil, but they require too stiff a push to release the mag. Also, I notice that when I grip the PT-145 tightly, my thumb naturally curves down and out of the way of the release button. If I didn't do this, I might be hitting the button and releasing mags, too.

I think this may be where the problem lies, at least in SOME cases. Maybe a redesign of the release button is in order for some Taurus models.

OP was wise not to write his new pistol off. I consider mine to be a great gun that's very pleasant to shoot.

A possible experiment - have a smaller person with smaller hands/digits fire the gun and see if the mag drops.
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I had the same problem with my 40 I called cs and they sent me a new one took about 5 min to install and no problems. The new mag release is notably bigger than the other I threw in the trash. If you can get them to send you one it will be a much faster fix.
I ma y have to call also. My 745 does this and the mag is so loose I can actually just wiggle it and get it to drop out. I was at the range and put a spacer between the frame and mag and it works great. There just seems to be too much play in there. I have put tape on the back of the mag and hope that works for now.
Called Taurus cs this morning, yes I got right through. They are going to send me a magazine to try to see if that is where the problem is. They did say they can no longer mail mag releases out as they are restricted items. I found this a little curious.
Called Taurus cs this morning, yes I got right through. They are going to send me a magazine to try to see if that is where the problem is. They did say they can no longer mail mag releases out as they are restricted items. I found this a little curious.
That's absolutely crazy if true (not doubting YOUR word, suspect CS is wrong). Taurus cannot possibly come out ahead having a pistol returned to repair mag release under warranty vs. sending a new mag release assembly to a customer for self-install. On the other hand, Taurus may be ahead of the curve on new gun laws - mag dropping after each shot, requiring reinsertion and clearing jam would truly slow down one hell bent on shooting many people on a rampage. LOL Lordy, I'm becoming a conspiracy theorist !! LOL Move over Alex Jones.:D
Wonder if it's more of a liability issue. Having people work on their own guns and everything.
Just to add to the confusion... About two days ago I talked to CS down there and they put me a mag release and spring in the mail. They never mentioned anything about not being able to, I would say it's the difference between individual ethics.
I would imagine cs at all gun related indusyry is swamped. They probably have some brand new help as well.

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My LGS just told me it will be two to three more weeks before I get my PT145 back from Taurus, I don't like it. I wan't my puppy back now!
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