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PT 145 Mil/Pro Barrel Polish

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Hi guys.

Been following the forum for the last five weeks as a guest. Since I purchased a new Gen3 PT145, it was time I came aboard and introduced myself. Up until recently I was an all metal snob sorry to say, but in my research for a potential lightweight CC I came across the Mil/Pro. Comparing size, weights, number of rounds per and price it quickly became apparent that the Taurus PT series offered just about everything I was looking for and at a great price. I ignored some of the negative rhetoric everyone comes across and decided to make up my own mind based on my facts and use.

I waited till I had surpassed 500 rounds to join and post and I could not be happier with it's performance. The gun is better than I expected and I consider it a true bargain. So now that I've joined the dark side of plastic fantastic count me as a believer. I did get a little bored with the total black look and decided to add a small polish job to the barrel to brighten things up a bit [my son uses the term bling] and personalize it for me. Hope you like the mod.

Good shooting all

John W.
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Thats nice pic man like the polished finished I was going to do it to my 24/7 Pro but heard it would void the warrenty and thats stright out of Taurus. Let me clearify that I did not speak with Taurus it was here on the board that I found this info.
Well Zemus, your probably right, but a factory replacement barrel can't be all that much. Mechanically I don't think it hurts anything though. BTW, I also polished the throat and champhered the edges and boy is it smooth. I use EEZOX which is highly recommended on a number of other forums. This little puppy is a real pleasure at the range.

Have a good one .... or two!

John W.
Looks good man! Did you just use a polishing bob and dremel or the like? I think that would look great on my PT145SS and PT1911.
After 300rds my barrel is starting to get some markings on it from wear. I have a dremel and everything, just curious about what type of polish would be non hazardous for it.
Fellows ... I used a Baldor polisher with a soft fluff wheel. I started with green compound and finished up with white. You could easily do it with a Dermal I just happened to use the big wheel. The paint coat on the barrel and on the outside of the throat is very thin and will remove with just a little elbow grease. Take your time ... you really don't want to remove any metal... just smooth things up. Once you remove the paint and [use a fine compound] polish the barrel makes for a different sound out of battery. It sounds more metallic rattling around, but once it goes in to battery everything locks up as before.

Your results might vary from mine so go slow and don't hog on it. Even with the wheel and right compounds it took me the better part of an hour as I went slow and test fitted as I went along. It has not affected accuracy ... it's just a small "bling" touch. Slightly chamfering the throat & polishing has produced a perfect feed without a problem from 50 rounds on past 500.

Hope that helps you.

Good shooting

John W.
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I did the same thing to my Glock 19 barrel. Think I'll do my Pt-111 barrel tomorrow, looks good.
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