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PT 111. Finally Success!!

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Hi everyone. Well, I finally got a chance to take my PT111 out to the range today after her recent vacation to Florida. They replaced the extractor. I was of course nervous after my terrible first outing. I loaded up the first mag of Remington 115 ammo. It went bang and on round number 6........Failure to Load!! AGAIN!! I cleared it and finished off the mag. 3 more mags run thru it and the same thing. Around round 6 or 7 in the mag, I got a failure to load into battery. I had with me 3 other types of ammo. I switched to Winchester White Box 115gr. I loaded up the first mag and it ran thru flawlessly! Finally. I ran 6 more mags of the WWB ammo and it was perfect. I feel much better about this gun now. I'll stick with WWB ammo for now until I can throw a couple 100 more rounds down range. I've got UMC, Mag Tech and Blazer Brass. I am REALLY looking forward to making this my EDC weapon after a couple more outings. I'm still shooting left but I am sure it's operator error. I was gonna switch out the Heini sights but I really don't think that is the problem. Afterall, we all should be focusing on the front sight anyhow. Time will tell.
Best part was at the end of the session, the range master took a look at my gun and said," Wow!! This would make a great CC weapon!!"......I had to chuckle.
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