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Doing this at a whisper.

Beretta beat Taurus out the door on this one but there is still time to correct that.

A compact copy of the PT92 holding the original 12-13 rounds.

I've got two of the older PT92 compacts but would appreciate a more modern one.

The size, barrel length, and ergonomics will fit most people out there. I'm 5'8" high and can carry a PT92 compact and do. The full size is too big for us short fellows to carry all the time.

The older PT908 makes a great hide away gun for the same reasons.

There are still plenty of us out there who cherish the double action for first shot and single action for each shot after that mode of operations on a pistol.

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I sure would be interested in a "new and improved" compact PT92 pistol.:)

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I wish they would copy the Star Firestar +13 for some of us 9mm S/A fans.I have always loved the grip and feel of this firearm.its pretty much a safe queen now.no parts available any more.I would buy a new copy in a NY miniute.I know this is off thread but,its another great one that needs updating.


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