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Interesting. The manual says no, but the catalogues say that all Taurus pistols will shoot P+ as a steady diet. Check it out.

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Limited use of +P would be ok under most circumstances. Check very carefully the pressure and velocity of a given load. For example, the PT111 is supposed to have round that goes no faster than 1224 feet per second, yet many +P 9mm. loads do just that. Will not use Some Black Hills or Corbon 9mm.+P or +P+ rounds due to over pressure for the little pistol. Or the velocity is higher than the stated 9mm.stats in the manual. Common sense dictates that higher velocity can mean higher pressures than what is safe for that particular pistol. It is not a hard fact, but a guide to go with. Blowing one's self up with a too high pressure load will ruin one's day. Factory velocity specs are usually on the low side. That is not the case with all loads. So some investigation is in order. There are plenty of soft cover books or catalogs that are published yearly with all the makes and models of firearms. Some of these have the velocity figures for each ammo maker. Makes a good resource to have. Ammo makers also put out catalogs and pamphlets that have all that data on it. They may be free at gun stores or at the ammo web site. If not a catalog is only a couple of dollars. So some use of the correct loads probably can be done. Take every precaution. +P will increase wear and tear on all the moving parts. I use standard velocity rounds for most of my defense weapons.

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All Taurus handguns are engineered to accept a steady
diet of factory-new Plus-P (+P) ammunition built to
SAAMI specifi cations. This includes the Ultra-Lite
hammer forged aluminum alloys, Titanium, blue steel
and stainless steel models. Rest assured, your Taurus
will be ready, especially when you’re counting on it."

I'm sure you all are aware of the factory statement quoted above but, just in case.

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