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You need to understand that unlike most hammer fired guns where the weight and length of the trigger is a matter of the hammer, sear, and main spring... on a striker fired gun the trigger weight is EXACTLY the weight of the striker spring.

To put it in comperable terms... on a 1911 the "reduced weight" main spring from Wilson Combat are 19#. The standard weight recoil on my Browning Hi-Power is 32#, but I shoot a 28# mainspring.

Can you imagine having a PT145 with a 19# trigger pull?

To get the 5-7 lb trigger pull on most PT145's you have to know that more than a lot of careful engineering went into the design... and the intent of these guns is to shoot the best ammo, not just the off the shelf, stored for years, mil-spec ammo.

When shooting your PT145 respect its design and shoot good quality ammo, preferably in a 185 gr JHP weight. If you get a batch of hard printers, save those for you 1911 which will shoot almost everything you can throw at it.

Remember that the milspec 1911 was a mud and dirt military combat weapon and was designed to shoot ammo that you had to reach into the pocket of a dead GI to retrieve to save your life and others.

The PT145 is rugged, but the striker design just isn't made for military ball.

Hope this helps!
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