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problem with safety lock

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I have just purchased a brand new 24/7 pro with the stainless steel slide in the 40. cal. The gun is a dream to shoot and I have not had a single problem at all with it except with the safety lock. It will not turn at all like it is supposed to and that really bothers me because I would like to use it. Is there any suggestions that anyone could give me on how to fix it. Other than that I absolutely love this gun and would definitely buy another one.
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The lock requires a half-turn to engage. It may be stiff, since it is new. My wifes new Millennium shipped without lubricant, so hers was quite hard to turn the first time. Maybe that is the issue? Don't try to break it, but maybe put a little more umph into it. I hope this helps.
I appreciate the comment. I have tried actually pretty hard to turn it until the point i thought it was going to break and still nothing. I field stripped it and oiled it very well and it still didnt help. does anyone know what might be going on internally?
Does it still fire okay? IF you dry-fire it, the trigger feels normal? I ask because there is a little ball bearing in the safety lock. If it got dislodged (I don't even know if it is possible), it could prevent the cam from turning (assuming it then moved to a spot it could jam the cam).

I hate to ask, but, you are turning it clockwise, right? It's odd, as this is a very simple device without much to go wrong.

Maybe, however, your slide is not in full battery. Your finger should be away from the trigger and you should be holding the pistol in such a way as to keep the slide & frame aligned properly. Maybe you are holding it in such a way that is causing the slide to be moved ever so slightly? Try verifying the slide is in perfect position. Then place the pistol on a counter top, and attempt to turn the lock. Hope that helps.
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After clearing the gun to prepare to lock it you must (my PT111 anyway) pull the trigger to get it to a DA trigger before the lock with turn, then mine turns quite easily. David
guy thank yall so much for the valid information. David you were right it works perfectly now i am just a little worried about dry firing it every time i lock it could this do any damage.
I'm not an expert, but I don't think dry firing most modern pistols is any problem, my bother-in-law with way 3-4x more guns and experience than me does all the time, and lots of people recommend it to break-in and smooth the trigger.

Now my son's Rossi single shot rifle/shotgun, don't dry fire that, if dry fired with action closed, going to have a heck of a time opening the action because the firing pin is going to be sticking a 1/2" into the barrel. Luckly I had it broke down when I tried the trigger pull. David
well i appreciate the advice i was just worried because i have heard people say that it would damage your firing pin. but thanks for straightening that out.
After reading this I tried it, and yes, you do have to pull the trigger and dryfire it to get it to be able to lock. Kind of scares me too, but we'll see the long-term effects of it.
Do you think that there will be any long term effects? I would think that if taurus designed it this way then there would be no worries.
I really don't think dry-firing is an issue, not like it used to be. I think 'most' modern guns are designed to be dry-fired. As a matter of fact, on my Millennuim, the worst case scenario seems to be that I may wear out a spring a little early (as far as I can tell by looking at the firing pin).
threefortyduster said:
After reading this I tried it, and yes, you do have to pull the trigger and dryfire it to get it to be able to lock. Kind of scares me too, but we'll see the long-term effects of it.
Nothing to worry about. I doubt you could wear out the pistol any time in the next 5 years or so just by dry firing it on occasion.
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