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Thought I'd share this holster find I got for my Poly Public Defender. It's a Pro Carry LT IWB from the Holster Store, not sure if they make them or what but I purchased this one on ebay for about 25 bucks. With just a small modification it works great and I'm really liking it a lot. I went out looking for a nice leather holster and something that would fit securely IWB but also something that did not gouge me in my side like plastic does. The metal clip keeps is securely in place and is slightly canted. The top is double stitched and reinforced and retention and reinsertion are both great even for a semi soft holster.

Anyhow here's a pic of it...

Now I believe these were made for the regular Public Defender and I have the Poly, so I had to end up removing a few threads near the trigger guard as shown here...

However, there is no looseness or fraying of the threads and the gun fits just great inside the holster. What I also was looking for and I'm glad to see this came with was a hammer shroud. The gun goes fully into the holster and the hammer is completely shrouded.

The instructions that came with it suggested wrapping the gun in wax paper and holstering and un-holstering it several times and then leaving it overnight with the gun and wax paper in it. I did do this and it helped form some real nice grooves in the inside. However I did also go against the instructions and cover the outside of the holster in some oil. I used vitamin E oil which you can get in bottles or you can get it from cutting open the pills. Vitamin E is a natural oil and won't harm anything so I was sure it would be ok. I covered the entire surface of the holster in it, inserting the pistol and left it in a warm area overnight (yes unloaded). This seemed to work just perfect, as you know the cylinders in a revolver can sometimes be an issue with holsters but this formed a perfect groove for them as well as for the sights and trigger guard.

Again, for 25 bucks I think this was a great find and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good quality IWB leather holster.
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