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A couple of very economical and very accurate loads for .45 ACP (at least in the five 1911's I've tried them in) is the following:

Berry's Plated 230 grain, round nose (FMJ) bullets:

Accurate arms #2:

CCI or Winchester large pistol primers

O.A.L (overall length) 1.250"

5.2 grains of AA#2

Average velocity is approx 850 fps out of my PT1911 and Smith 1911PD (5" barrel).
The second load is slightly less expensive due to the lower bullet weight:

Berry's 185 grain HBRN (hollow base round nose)

6.2 grains of AA#2

O.A.L = 1.250

CCI or Winchester large pistol primer

The Lee set you are talking about ( if you use Lee dies) will have load information for plated bullets as does the Lee Modern Reloading Second Edition book. I suggest you get the 4 die, carbide set as you'll want the factory crimp die.

Also, in the Lee book, he specifically states not to use Federal primers in his priming tools. Apparently the Federal primers are a bit softer and consequently more prone to accidentally discharges while loading. I'm not sure of the validity of this, but I've steered clear of them just to be on the safe side. If you ever have a primer go off near you, you'll understand as their size belies their power.
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