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Primers..the differance between small pistol and large??

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I need help please.just starting to get into the need to reload. I am buying a Lee PrecisionTurret loading press kit. I am looking for a good powder to use as well as primers for .9mm and .45ACP. My question is this..what is the differance between large pistol primers and small pistol primers? What do I use for .9mm and .45ACCP? Please help as I wish to order some. Also, what is a good bullet supplier for FmJ ball ammo and fmj hollowpoint? Thanks!!
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You will need small pistol primers for the 9 and large pistol primers for the .45. When you get 'em, the difference will be obvious. Just look at the back side of the case, small is small, large is larger. Get STANDARD primers, not magnum, for these calibers. Frankly, I use standard primers even in magnum revolver loads.

For powder, I use Alliant Bullseye in both calibers for standard range loads. Unique will work, but Bullseye is better. Also, WW231 is a good powder for these calibers. There are MANY good powders, but Bullseye has been around forever and why fix what ain't broke? It shoots accurate and reliable and meters well. WW231 is a little cleaner burning.
Thanks NativeTexan for your response. I guess I could have looked at the bottom of each cartridge for the size Primers..DUH!! But I am new. I also read your FAQ Post on Reloading. I have one question..Do you cast bullets for a PT 1911? How do they feed? And is there special lead (Xtra Hard) that can be used to insure proper feeding?
I no longer own a 1911. They can be problematic with hollowpoint and other ammo, mine were. The key to a 1911 that IS problematic, though, is OAL (overall length), at least in a cast bullet. Helps to not have a sharp edged bullet nose profile, too. Cast 230 round nose or some SWC bullets will feed in about any 1911. I have a 200 grain Lee tumble lube designed SWC that I had to seat out until it was headspacing on the rifling of my AMT before I could get it reliable, the OAL thing, a short bullet. But, 230 round nose was no problem at all. Since I got a Ruger P90 in .45ACP, I don't worry any longer about feeding. I don't think you can load a round that won't feed in that gun. LOL! But, feeding reliability with anything other than round nose 230 is a major reason I no longer own a 1911. They're very design is for hardball, an early military design, after all. The military doesn't care about hollowpoint reliability. But, it's not the fact that the bullet is cast that causes feed problems in 1911s. So long as you have a roundish profile and proper OAL, it should be as reliable as any jacketed ball bullet and .45ACPs generally are quite accurate with lead bullets.
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+1, what Native Texan said! Bullseye is an excellent powder for both the 9mm and .45 ACP. I also like WST as it burns cleaner. Stick with ONE brand of primers while developing and producing your loads. I like Winchester or Federal.

Bullet supply will be the major problem, these days. MidwayUSA sometimes has sales and Generic Winchester or Remington FMJ's are a good deal, although not as much as prices have risen. The Generic Remington .45 185 grn JHP has a very rounded profile and feeds well in almost any 1911. Winchester 230grn JHP's are almost as good! (My Colt 1911 will feed most anything, but I've done extensive reworking of the barrel feed ramp. My .45 EAA Witnesses have always fed most anything.)

I also use Berry's Plated Bullets, which are a little oversize and need to be used with Cast Bullet Data. There are also other Major Bullet Suppliers, such as Montana Gold. Armscor is supposed to be importing some nice FMJ's at discount prices, but have not seen them for sale, as yet. Magtech, same story on Bullets, but I have seen Magtech Primers for sale and from what I've heard, they are very comparable to Winchester Primers.
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Thanks guys for all of your help! I will be asking many more questions I am sure.. :D Lots to learn.
NativeT said it all. :thumb:
as far as powder goes i use power pistol in my 45 and works well for me also tite-group is another that is a all around powder
A couple of very economical and very accurate loads for .45 ACP (at least in the five 1911's I've tried them in) is the following:

Berry's Plated 230 grain, round nose (FMJ) bullets:

Accurate arms #2:

CCI or Winchester large pistol primers

O.A.L (overall length) 1.250"

5.2 grains of AA#2

Average velocity is approx 850 fps out of my PT1911 and Smith 1911PD (5" barrel).
The second load is slightly less expensive due to the lower bullet weight:

Berry's 185 grain HBRN (hollow base round nose)

6.2 grains of AA#2

O.A.L = 1.250

CCI or Winchester large pistol primer

The Lee set you are talking about ( if you use Lee dies) will have load information for plated bullets as does the Lee Modern Reloading Second Edition book. I suggest you get the 4 die, carbide set as you'll want the factory crimp die.

Also, in the Lee book, he specifically states not to use Federal primers in his priming tools. Apparently the Federal primers are a bit softer and consequently more prone to accidentally discharges while loading. I'm not sure of the validity of this, but I've steered clear of them just to be on the safe side. If you ever have a primer go off near you, you'll understand as their size belies their power.
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Look at Precision Bullets moly coated. They are cheaper than copper plated, way cheaper than jacketed, and still don't lead your barrel. They make both 9mm and .45 bullets so they have you covered.
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