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Pricing question

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I posted a question a while back on used PT 1911. I chickened out and ended up not buying the used gun.

I have been wanting a railed version PT 1911. I call a local dealer and they didn't have it in. They told me that if I order a gun they didn't have in stock and paid for it in full up front, they sell it at cost plus 10%.

Anyone know what the cost is on these guns. Just want to have an idea before I deal with them. I have another local dealer that is selling it for $540 plus tax which isn't bad compaired to what I'm seeing posted around the internet.
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if you go on taurus site and look at them they have a retail price.have you tried budsgunshop.com?
I live in Kentucky so buds isn't that great of a deal for me since I have to pay state tax. Buds is about $10 dollars cheaper then local, but not worth the 45 minute drive. I was just curious to see what these guys have in some of these guns. I think $540 is a good deal, but if I can get it at cost plus 10%, I would think it might be cheaper then the $540.
$540 is a good price for the railed version. It's even a good price for a non-railed version in my area. Each dealer will have different pricing because each dealer has their own distributors they deal with. Depending on the dealers volume on a certain brand is what determines their cost from their distributors for the gun & what they can sell it for to you to make a profit. Cost plus 10% is a very fair dealer to work with but you need to ask him what his price is. Geographics also plays a part in the dealer setting his price. I say go for it.......
Sounds like a good deal to me. Is it Blued or SS?
It would be blued, railed version
Fire_Medic said:
It would be blued, railed version
I knew you could not stay away!! Had to find the right PT1911. Good luck on your buy this time.
You might check this guy out. He's in OK.
This gun doesn't have the rail, but it has night sights and free shipping.
You could drop him a note and see what else he has, Always seems to have great prices.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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