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Man-portable nordenfelt gun of the soviet era that apparently 'fired like a minigun' by combining the ROF but to be suitable for a soldier to handle. It uses the 7.62x39 round but the ammo supply was limited as the weapon is magazine fed.

The Pribor-3B still worked but was also quite hard to control due to the recoil force, Cartridge ejection is downwards BEHIND the magazine area as the weapon uses a gas/recoil operaton similar to that used in the AN94 Abakan assault rifle currently used by Russian special forces. Another variant of the Pribor-3B was made from AKM smilar parts to ease production. The Pribor-3B would be more practical as a tripod mounted machine gun if its possible to make a belt feed device for it.

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Dang! That thing looks like somethin' Buck Rogers would use. :eek:
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