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Found a few good prices on some semi autos over at budsgunshop I thought I would pass on to people over here who might be interested

24/7 Pro Compact 9mm stainless slide for $346.80


MilPRo PT145 tan with black slide DAO 3-dot sight 10+1 for $278.95


same thing as above in 9mm 12+1 for $268.42


and a PT745 single stack 6+1 45acp 3-dot sight DAO all black for $281.18


I just thought I would try to save folks a few bucks if they were already in the market for something like one of these ;)

Of course you still have to pay tax and FFL fee but it seems that buds would still be lower then what I have seen these going for in houston and other city's from people posting local prices on other forums

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I reciently bought a PT1911 from Bud's... cheapest on the market at $478.99. I paid with a credit card which cost me 3% extra... $14.40. The shipping is a standard $25. However, because it was an out of state internet purchase there was no sales tax which for our area adds about 10% to the price. So I paid Bud's $519.30 and then $20 for my FFL dealer for the transfer and walked away with $539.30 as the total expense.

If I had bought locally I might have gotten it for $510 from a gun dealer who was going to charge me only his cost... plus 10% tax which would have meant it would have cost me $561. However, Bass Pro and Academy Sports was selling theirs for $569 and that would have translated to $626 out the door.
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