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Robby said:
Don't we all love the guy who tries to steer you to a better commission gun. I look old and broke when I go in a gun shop. Ratty shoes, with horse manure on them, flannel shirt, hanging out, with Baggy pants and an old baseball cap from the Kentucky Derby. Heck they do not even want to talk to me. It cost at least two guys a sale, when I went away, and ordered the gun, ONline.
Robby, I thought that was how you looked when you got cleaned up. :D

And back to the topic again.
Look for a 3rd generation. It will say 'Millennium' on the left side of the slide, and 'PT145 PRO'
on the right side. See if the guy will field strip it for you so you can check out the wear.
I think there's also a post here somewhere where guys were listing the prices they paid for some of the
Mill Pros. Would give you a little info. Also, as I think Robby said once, prices tend to be a little more negotiable the last day and hours of a show. Maybe do some sniffing around early and buying later.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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