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Police Trades Smith & Wesson Model 64 .38SPL +P - $349 shipped, Used Glock 23 - $429

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Why don't Police carry .357 I would buy one....:mad:
Purchased four of these the last go-around, they were $249 each (Model 64-4 and 64-5). Two were sent back as they were heavily engraved with "owner" information (not light scratches, etc.). Two replacements were sent. Finally all four were in very-good to excellent shape with only light scratches here and there. All were functionally excellent. I did notice one of them had a barrel that appeared to be rotating clockwise (about 5 degrees from center). Sent it back to S&W on their dime, they rebarreled it, and set it back at no charge to me. All 4 guns are very accurate. Great deal at $249.

This new batch appears to be much nicer, probably worth the extra $100. Take a look at the "new" price on one of these 64's. Remember; our gun rights are now in the hands of politicians, this may be one of the few guns you might actually be able to "keep".
Shame that wasn't a G19 I'd prolly be all over it. Very tempting though...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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