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PMC - Out of Business

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PMC, one of the nations largest ammo makers, have sold their U.S. assets and are no longer producing ammo in the U.S. PMC sold their equipment and other assets to a South Dakota brass manufacturer, who will now gear up to full ammo production. PMC did not sell the business, only the assets in the U.S. They will continue to make ammo outside the country, in Taiwan or China or Korea or someplace like that. It is unclear whether or not the PMC name will be retained.
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Interesting point I just discovered. I had a couple of boxes left of the low recoil 12ga buckshot load I used to like and it says Made in ESP. I'm thinking that this is Spain.

:D I just looked at the PMC Starfire website. The pistol being loaded is a Taurus snubbie! :D
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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