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PMC - Out of Business

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PMC, one of the nations largest ammo makers, have sold their U.S. assets and are no longer producing ammo in the U.S. PMC sold their equipment and other assets to a South Dakota brass manufacturer, who will now gear up to full ammo production. PMC did not sell the business, only the assets in the U.S. They will continue to make ammo outside the country, in Taiwan or China or Korea or someplace like that. It is unclear whether or not the PMC name will be retained.
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I'd heard about this a while ago but no details. Too bad as they had a nice reduced recoild 12ga buck shot load that I liked. And it was cheap to boot. Explains why I haven't been able to find it for a while.

Rats! I really liked their 55 grn .223 M193 and I have'nt got much left!
The new company should be producing ammo soon. If they use the same equipment, processes and technologies, you can probably expect the same quality product. As for price, who knows. Everything is going up, so start stocking up now.
they had the best cowboy loads for .30/30 there was virtually no recoil and my old winchester loved it--guess i can make my own til they start making it again.
Ammo is still being sold under the PMC name but I think it's made in South Korea. So far I've chosen not to get any of it as I heard some less than stellar things. However, I still can't recall where I heard them so I leave it up to you.

I hate to hear this I really do! It is just a shame to lose a company that brought a quality product to the table, at an affordable price! :(
Not any more PMC is not as far as out of business. The reports about PMC being made overseas is true as stated above by Steelheart.


This is the new site.
PMC got it's start by importing ammunition from Korea. They have always had close ties with Korea, and some of their Bronze line was always made in Korea.

The company has reconsolidated and returned to importing it's ammo. They are being imported in small amounts today. I really liked the Starfire line, but that was bought up in the sale of equipment. I believe that they kept the rights, and hope that it's re-introduced here.

The new, black, boxes are from Korea. As for the QC, it's funny, but there are those who will bleed dollars to buy only "well-known" name ammo, or surplus (!!), and down-play anything else. The odd part is that much of the surplus will have worse QC, and no way to know how it was stored. :D
I just purchased a box of PMC .380acp and the box is marked "Made In R.O. Korea". :-\ I am anxious to see how it shoots. Hopefully it will be better than the Wolf ammunition that I got from the previous owner when I got my BT 380 (filthy stuff!).
I like PMC Ammunition, Korean or USA produced, and have never had any problems with it. Have used it in 9mm, .45 ACP, and .223. I consider it to be better than any of the Russian produced ammunition. No problems reloading PMC brass, either.
Never had a problem with the Korean PMC ammo, I do miss the eldorado starfire ammo though.
I loved the Starfire ammo - I carried it exclusively in my 45's until it started getting difficult to get your hands on. It wasn't rated +P, but it had a stout recoil and it was supposed to mushroom like crazy.

I'll bet that they saw the writing on the wall as far as near future government restrictions and decided to toss in their cards here. That is a real shame, that a major manufacturer decides to cash in here because of liberal politics.
Starfire is back. Go to the website and you'll see they kept the old line up for the most part.

There's a where to fine it or find dealers tab at the site.
Qwiks draw said:
Starfire is back. Go to the website and you'll see they kept the old line up for the most part.

There's a where to fine it or find dealers tab at the site.
Thanx qiicks!! I like that ammo too, and am glad it is still available!
You're welcome and that's Qwiks to you. LOL Discalimer: No one was insulted during this exchange. At least I don't think they were. Oh well,rubber band guns or supersoakers at 12 paces at dawn if you were.

Just what you needed. A smart alecky mod. LOL

Sorry, got to go and naplam the fire ants.
We've been using Sarin on ours. Persistent little buggers, and love to chew on your feet. We've been doing some major landscaping in our back yard, and the Fire Ants have discovered the softer earth from the work. I think some of them were speaking Paraguyan!!

StarFire was the follow-on design from the man who brought us Hydra-Shok. Ted Burchzynski. It uses the same simple machine as the post in the Hydra-Shok, in the form of the flutes inside the cavity. Expansion can be tailored to open at velocities as low as 500 fps. His sole regret was that StarFire was loaded, in his opinion, about 100-150 fps slower than it should have been. I bought a case of the .45 ACP ammo, and a case of the 124 gr. 9mm. Even have a couple of boxes of the .44 Mag., and the .30-30 loading, the only rifle ammo produced in this style.
I've got alot of old articles and the Starfire is one of them, back in 93 or 94 when it first came out. The thing with Starfire is, it was one of the first real wonder bullets - it expands no matter if it goes through layers of clothing......expansion is radical. Thats why I liked it.

BTW - if I remember correctly, the Golden Saber was created by the same guy who made the Black Talon - both are (were?) the only bullet where the jacket had an active part in the wounding process.
I never worry about factory ammo availability, don't have to since I shoot my own. :D I don't even worry about bullet availability for some of my loads since many use my own cast bullets. I can even hunt deer with the 158 SWC from my Rossi 92 and the 105 SWC .38 load makes a dandy small game load for the same rifle.

Beyond that, factory ammo costs too much.
Actually, prior to the Black Talon, the first article that I ever saw on the Starfire was in Guns and Ammo. It had a picture of a Starfire round penetrating a piece of fruit, and showed long pieces of cut fruit being blown out of the entry point. Cutting was mentioned in the article, but, because it wasn't a primary advertising effect, it missed the media attack.

FYI, there were NO recorded injuries of Medical Personnel who operated on people shot with the Black Talon ammo. I keep a few boxes of the stuff around, just to show people when they talk about it. :D
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