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PM709 SLim, tried to break it, didn't happen.

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A local gun store was having a sale on these little guns, I got a brand new one for $216 out the door for my birthday. I have been around guns all of my life, and I daily carry a G21. I'm kind of a big guy so I pull it off, only been discovered when I was finagling it in front of a Front Sight (Have trained there, love it) instructor I was doing some work for.

So we get the cheapest 9mm Ammo we can find, steel case, aluminum case, brass case, from Tula to Remington, hollowpoint to ball. I tried to make it jam...

But it never hiccupped, not once. For a little 9MM you'd think the recoil would be intense, but somehow this little gun has hardly any felt recoil, I don't know how they did it.

Amazingly, it is also accurate. Surprisingly accurate! Well and way above what I would have estimated for the price. So I am now a Taurus fan! Have always heard good things about them but now I'm a believer, they hit a home run with this little pistol.

I remember a week ago I threw on some pants (Turned out to be someone else's pants, and about 3 sizes too small!) I was already late and didn't have time to keep looking for pants that were mine, (By the time I get my belt on, knife, spare magazines, wallets, multitool, changing pants can take a few minutes...) but my every day carry Glock 21 absolutely would not fit, so I popped it out of the holster, threw the Taurus in, and was able to go about my job with the little gun!

Next up are some spare magazines, and I always wanted to own a little 9MM, and this gun is just a blast to shoot and carry. Taurus really nailed it with this one!
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Yep -- I also like the 709 for a EDC

I like it even better to fit my hand with a Tactical Grip from Pachmayr -- ebay , there are other co. also

it felt a little wider and does not try to jump out of my hand
Yep. You bought a gun with a known FTF issue; it fails to fail.
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Sounds like you got a winner, congrats !
Welcome to the Forum! You got a great gun!
My 709 has been flawless also .. Great pistol
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