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I am considering purchasing a Taurus pistol, probably a G2C, but I am open to another model. I have a PA license to carry, and I carry every day. My carry gun is a Ruger Lc9s, but I would like the option of a gun with greater magazine capacity. I would carry the gun concealed at times and open carrried when day hiking here in PA. I picked my handle because I was born in 1942 under the sign of Taurus. Being a bit bull headed I thought the username was appropriate. I learned to shoot in the Marine Corps. Served a tour inn the infantry in Vietnam. I was a freelance photographer for most of my working life, which ended in 2014. Glad to be aboard and looking forward to participating.
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Welcome aboard, Bull! I live in Las Vegas. Glad to have you here.

You can't go wrong with the G2, I have two of them. I bought one in 2016, liked it so much I bought another in 2017.
It feels good, looks good, a nice compact size, and has a 12 round magazine (two to four more rounds than most other compacts). It also has a great external manual safety (firm & crisp, but not too hard). I like having a manual safety, and insist on having one for my carry weapon.

The PT-111 G2 breaks down just like a Glock (no tool required), and has the same trigger-blade safety, and an internal safety to prevent discharge if dropped, just like the Glock. It has a chamber indicator that sticks up slightly when there's a round in the chamber, and can be felt in the dark. I like that! There's also a rail below the muzzle if you want to mount a light/laser.

The PT-111 G2 does have a long trigger pull that some find annoying; not heavy, but long. This is due to gun's “Second Strike” capability. It normally cocks in single action mode (just like a 1911), but if you pull the trigger and the round doesn't fire, you can pull the trigger again on the same round. The trigger will engage earlier than usual, pull the striker back, and release from its usual release point. Using reloads at the range this happens to me occasionally, and I find that the round will fire the second time about 75 percent of the time.

I have a SCCY 9mm, which was my original carry weapon. I got the PT-111 G2 as a backup for the SCCY. It didn't take long before the Taurus became my Primary carry weapon, and the SCCY is now the backup. If the PT-111 G2 only had a de-cocker, it would be perfect!
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Thanks 777 Driver. The gun gets excellent reviews. The long trigger pull does not concern me. Before I hit the Lc9s I has V1 of the Lc9. It had a trigger pull that was extremely long. I am about to research the diffferences between the G2, G2C and G2S to see what one gains or loses.
Welcome to the Forum. I have a variety of firearms..... CZ, Kahr, S&W to the G2c that Taurus makes. The G2c has become one of my favorites, especially after installing the Lakeline fiber optic sights. Perfect size, great mag capacity and a very good trigger. Was flawless right out of the box with any ammo I tried.
Welcome from West Texas!:hand26:
​Welcome to the Forum from Gulf Coast Florida!


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Welcome to TA from Minnesota
Welcome to TaurusArmed.net from Olympia, WA; in the Great Pacific Northwest!
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to the forum from the Florida Keys! :wave:
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Welcome from Sunny South Florida.....
Welcome aboard from the "GunShine" state of Florida.

State of over 1 MILLION 150 THOUSAND Concealed Carry Licenses and counting!
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Welcome to the forum from Northern Oklahoma.
Welcome to the Forum from North Texas! :wave: We're mighty glad you decided to join "Ye Merrye Crewwe"! :thumb:
Pt111 doesn't have that much more capacity than the LC9s, look at the PT92 it carries 17+1.

I carry a LC9S pro as my EDC and for something with more capacity I got a cz p07.
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